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What defines you, drives us.

narrative™ is the only specialized agency in the high net worth insurance space that combines expertise, creativity and empathy.

At narrative™, we get personal. We appreciate your lifestyle and what matters most to you. We understand your expectations of service rarely seem to be met when it comes to personal risk management.

Until now.

Your life isn’t limited to your home,
so neither is our coverage.

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Home + Estate

From oceanside estates to Upper East Side penthouses – and every ski chalet in between – we create insurance plans for your residences that are just as personalized as they are.


A car is just a car except when it isn’t. From Motor City muscle to mid-engine Maranello beauties, we provide coverage that goes well beyond the mass-market definition of “comprehensive.”

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Stack of beautiful diamond bracelets


If you own a cellar stocked with vintage Bordeaux, a hidden safe with heirloom jewelry, or a library full of first editions – or all of the above – you can rest assured in our ability to protect any collection against almost every possibility.


It is one thing to have it all, and quite another to keep it. Fortunately, protecting yourself from lawsuits – whether frivolous or not – is as simple as it is important.

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Aviation + Travel

Perhaps you have the CEO of Gulfstream on speed dial. Or you fly your own experimental into Oshkosh every year. Then again, you may have no greater interest in aviation than whether your ticket includes a flatbed seat. But whether pilot, owner or traveler, we can protect all your wandering ways.


Your personal watercraft may include a crew of 26 and a permanent reservation in Monaco. Or it may be a vintage Chris-Craft. But whether you prefer vessels for speed or luxury, we can tailor a policy that keeps risk stranded on the shore.

A new way of thinking nine decades in the making.

narrative™ is the personal insurance brand of Denver Agency, a leading provider and thought leader in the field of high net worth insurance. Since 1932, we have been privately held and publicly outspoken about the need to treat our clients as people first and as prospects never.

We don’t just work with the best;
we work with them better.

Of course we rely on established underwriters to protect your lifestyle. So does everyone else. But no one outside our team of experts goes to the lengths we do to assemble the right plan for your unique exposures. We are never one-and-done. In fact, we’re never done at all.